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This document presented a methodology for holistic retrofitting in commercial buildings based on five steps:
The Project Setup and Pre-retrofit Survey reviews the building codes of different European countries within EcoShopping consortium, indoor air quality, building envelopes and equipment standards. European commercial building stock analysis and surveys for building owners and building end users are provided in order to define the scope of the work and set the project targets. Moreover, an explanation of typologies of economical funding and the economic/non-economic benefits obtained due to the retrofitting actuation is introduced.

Energy Auditing and Performance Assessment will enable an identification of energy use and costs to identify areas with energy saving potential and provide the information needed in building performance assessment through energy simulation software.

Identification of Retrofit Options serve to make an overview of the main and most promising technologies in the following fields: Building envelope (insulation, windows, self-cleaning products), Lighting and Daylighting systems, HVAC solutions and Renewable Energy systems, Intelligent Automation Control Units, Operation and Maintenance plan for the installed equipment in commercial buildings.

Site Implementation and Testing are provided as practical steps to be followed in order to build up a suitable implementation plan for the selected retrofitting actions and to deploy the chosen technologies on the site.

Validation and Verification explains how the implemented solutions will be assessed to evaluate their effect and verify if the expected targets of equipment and whole building energy performance and comfort levels are achieved.